JOHN EDDINGS                     
FILM / TV / Web
2018        IMMA BE A RAVER  PizzaMan   Music Video (Yultron)    Director: Alessandro Chille    
               MISS COORDINATOR Chris   Feature    Director: Fred Olen Ray   Dragon Luna Films
               DISNEY COUPLES THERAPY Smee   Funny Or Die    Director: Sean Boring
               THE SHOAKS  David   Web Series    Director: Joe Black    Gwhizz Productions
               KAPLAN’S KORNER  Subpoena Guy   Web Series    Producer: Sara Ballantine
2017        SANTA SUCKS   Web-Ad Campaign for LootCrate
               MOMMY KISSING SANTA CLAUS  Santa   Director: Jamie Parslow
               CHRISTMAS INVASION  Santa   Director: Julian Higgins
2016        THE ARENA  The Duke  Music Video (Lindsey Stirling)  Producer: Jennifer Goodridge
2015        SANTA CLAUS IS COMING TO TOWN  Santa  WebSeries(parody)  Producer: Rory Uphold
        SHAKESPEARE IS SUCH A DICK    Bill     Short Film     Producer: Cailin Lowry
       POWDER    Uncle Ben  Student Film  Cal State Long Beach   Producer: Julian Espinosa
       VACANCY    Piotr    Student Film  UCLA    Producer: Gwen Infusino
       SUNNY SIDE UP   Harry   Student Film   Loyola Marymount   Producer: Jessica Rusch
       SURVIVING THE DEAD    Leonard  Web Series (3 Epis.)  Producer: Reagan Gomez
2014        SOLDIER ADRIFT    Tom    Independent Short  Producer: Christopher Davison
       PRISM    Edmund    Student Film-Chapman College  Producer: Matt Rebong

2018        MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM     Nick Bottom  
 Archway Theatre Co/Woodbury Univ. Library  Burbank   
       FAUSTUS        Father/Lord                 Archway/Woodbury Univ.       Burbank
HENRY V        Westmoreland                           Hollywood Fringe Festival
FAUSTUS        Robin / 1st Scholar                       Renaissance Pleasure Faire     Irwindale
THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR        Sir John Falstaff     Archway/Woodbury Univ.  Burbank
2017        BONNIE & CLYDE,   THE MUSICAL     Preacher        La Canada Presbyterian
       MEDEA                    King Creon                       The Archway Theatre     North Hollywood
       JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR       Herod       Civic Theater Under The Stars       Buena Park
       SONGS OF THE FALL    Gray                           Hollywood Fringe Festival
       FAUSTUS        Robin / 1st Scholar                       Renaissance Pleasure Faire     Irwindale
       POSTMORTEM        Leo Barrett                                 Archway Theatre     
       ROMEO & JULIET        Lord Capulet                        Archway Theatre  
2016        MAJOR BARBARA        Andrew Undershaft             Archway Theatre
       OEDIPUS/ANTIGONE        Republicus                      Archway Theatre  
       THE DRACULA INCIDENT    Van Helsing            StoryForge Productions
       HAMLET        The Player King                                     Archway Theatre  
2015        TAMING OF THE SHREW        Vincentio          Lovers and Madmen      Plummer Park
       RICHARD III           Bishop of Ely        Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival   Cal Lutheran University
       MEASURE FOR MEASURE    Elbow              Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival
       SONGS OF THE FALL    Gray                           Hollywood Fringe Festival
       ESTHER, A NEW MUSICAL  Haman                 La Canada Presbyterian
2014        THE REAL INSPECTOR HOUND  Birdboot         La Canada Presbyterian         
2013        PRESIDENTIAL SUITE      FDR                         Whitmore-Lindley      North Hollywood
2012        BELL, BOOK & CANDLE   Redlitch               Out Of The Hat Prod/Knightsbridge Theatre
       MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING   Balthazar             Knightsbridge Theatre      Silver Lake
       CYRANO DE BERGERAC   Ragueneau                    Knightsbridge Theatre
2011        A CHRISTMAS CAROL   Christmas Present / Fezziwig / Old Joe  Knightsbridge Theatre
       MACBETH   King Duncan / The Doctor                    La Canada Presbyterian
       THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS    Screwtape             La Canada Presbyterian
2010        A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM   Quince / Oberon              Magic Castle      Hollywood
       PAZZAZZ  Kahn                                                     El Capitan Theater         Hollywood
2009        THE FANTASTICKS    Hucklebee                               Magic Castle
2008        BLITHE SPIRIT     Director                                           Magic Castle
1999        DOCTOR FAUSTUS Evil Spirit / the Pope              Knightsbridge Theater      Pasadena
1996        A CHRISTMAS CAROL   Narrator / Fezziwig            La Crescenta Presbyterian
1995        HAMLET   Polonius / Gravedigger                           Santa Barbara Shakespeare Festival
       A FLEA IN HER EAR   Ferrailon         Summer Theater Workshop      Citrus College
1994        *THE MARRIAGE OF BETTE & BOO   Karl                 STW CC
1993        *BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS   Jack Jerome            STW CC
1991        *A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ...   Marcus Lycus         STW CC
1986        DIVISION STREET   Yovan                              Orphan Players      San Gabriel
1986        THE FANTASTICKS   The Old Actor                               OP SG
1985        CHRISTMAS REVUE   Ensemble / Director                      OP SG
1984        A FLEA IN HER EAR   Poche / Victor-Emmanuel              OP SG
1983        STRIDER   Feofan                                                              OP SG
1982        JOHAN JOHAN, TYB & SYR JOHAN   Director  Renaissance Faire       Agoura
1981        THE WINTER'S TALE   Antigonus / Florizel     Ganesa Park Players       Pomona
1979        THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT   The Baron          OP SG
1978        JOHAN JOHAN, TYB & SYR JOHAN   Syr Johan       RFA
       BRIGADOON   Mr. Lundie                                           Citrus College       Azusa
       LAST OF THE RED HOT LOVERS   Barney Cashman      PPP M
1977        NORMAN, IS THAT YOU?   Garson Hobart    Park Plaza Playhouse       Monrovia
       HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS ...   Mr. Gatch / Mr. Ovington  CC A
       PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM   Bogie                                           STW CC
       THE JOURNEY OF THE FIFTH HORSE   Chullcaturin    CC A
       KISS OR MAKE UP   Franklin McHugh                                 PPP M
       MACBETH   Macbeth                                                              CC A
1976        A THURBER CARNIVAL   Ensemble                                   CC A
       THE PRISONER OF SECOND AVENUE   Mel               PPP M
       CUPID AND PSYCHE   Harvey Dickman                               STW CC
       BELL, BOOK AND CANDLE   Sidney Redlitch                            PPP M
       THE LION IN WINTER   Philip                                               PPP M
       ALL THE WAY HOME John Henry Follett                          CC A
1975         DON'T DRINK THE WATER Father Drobny                                 PPP M
       THE ORPHAN BANDIT Jack Standfast                                         PPP M
       DEATH KNOCKS Death                                                PPP M
       SEND ME NO FLOWERS Mr. Akins                                         PPP M
               *indicates ACTF Irene Ryan Award nominations...